dnalounge update

New DNA Update, which those of you with paid accounts can also read at dnalounge.

(The annoying part of this is that after I write a DNA update, I have to wait an hour or so before mentioning that here, since LiveJournal only polls the RSS feed that often...)

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5 Responses:

  1. waider says:

    Anyone get a "31&quot tattooed? (third verse)

  2. icis_machine says:

    damn... i missed capacitor. they look pretty cool.

    and where's the poll?

  3. andrewducker says:

    Off topic question - how can you add new syndicated RSS accounts?

    • evan says:

      The interface for it isn't implemented yet, though reportedly the guy who's working on it has it near-ready.

  4. macguyver says:

    Well that beats the hell out of having to go to the website randomly.