Barb Wire meets Cornelius

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6 Responses:

  1. knowbuddy says:

    ... do they take themselves seriously?

  2. osi says:

    hahahah i was just looking at when you posted this :)

  3. anthologie says:

    Two guys are talking.

    The first guy says, "If you could have sex with any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be?"

    The other guy pauses for several moments, then replies, "Britney Spears. Dead."

  4. miragination says:

    i feel so validated, now -- thanks, jamie... not for posting the picture, per se, but for the caption. last night, while half-watching the half-assed awards, i was struck by mj's striking similarity to "that ape-man in that planet movie...whatever his name was." now i know the name's cornelius.

    my question, though, is whether the pairing of these two plastic persons was plotted by pepsi. my conspiracy hypothesizing for the day... they're both former/current spokespeople for the company. and later, during the spoof thing of that n'sync boy in space, jimmy fallen said something like, "can you guys bring me one of those south of the border bowls from taco bell?" the only mention of food that i noticed, and that food is taco bell, which is owned by/owner of/sleeping with pepsi, right?