Grover Chestnut and the Case of the Dead Man's Money

Tombstone ATM Doles Out Inheritance

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- A deceased cattle rancher in Bozeman, Montana, took care of his heirs by installing an automatic teller machine in his tombstone.

Cattle rancher Grover Chestnut died earlier this year at the age of 79. However, before he cashed in, he installed an ATM at his tombstone and gave ten heirs debit cards, and told them were allowed to withdraw $300 per week from the grave.

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Chestnut apparently figured the tombstone ATM was the best way to make sure his grave had regular visitors.

It seems to be working. Joel Jenkins, who helped create the "cashing-out" machines, says one of Chestnut's granddaughters recently gave up a promising acting career in New York in order to cash in on Grandpa's money-making tombstone.

Although Chestnut's grave is currently the only one with an ATM, Jenkins thinks others will be trying it soon.


May I be excused? It hurts paying attention all the time.

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