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Crocodiles tear apart Thai suicide woman

August 11, 2002

BANGKOK, Thailand (Reuters) -- A Thai woman killed herself by jumping into a pit of more than 100 crocodiles, shocking crowds of onlookers at a Bangkok reptile farm.

The woman, 40, climbed a two-meter high fence and jumped into a concrete enclosure at the Famut Prakarn Crocodile Farm on the outskirts of the Thai capital, a tour guide who witnessed the event said Sunday.

A crocodile dragged the woman into a pond and several animals swarmed over and tore her body apart.

"She did not cry or scream when she was bitten," Tanet Virayaporn, the tour guide, told Reuters.

"It happened so quickly. Nobody could do anything."

Police said the woman had left a suicide note in which she complained about her husband and apologized to family members.

Hundreds of people were visiting the crocodile farm, a popular tourist attraction, when the woman committed suicide.


DNA Lounge:

There are some pictures of the Thunderdome benefit up. Capacitor put on a very cool show: two dancers on stage controlled pulleys while the third zipped around through the air above the dance floor!

As of last thursday, we now have Rockstar on the soda guns now instead of in cans. Barry gave a bunch of people blind taste tests to see if they could tell the difference between the can and gun versions. He'd pour three shot glasses of it, with one kind in one cup, and the other kind in the other two cups. I think David was the only person who got it right. Everybody else had very strong opinions about it, but they were all wrong. Personally I don't even pretend to be able to tell the difference between any of those "energy drinks." People claim they can tell them apart, but to me they're all caffinated syrup. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's kind of like drinking gummy bears.

DNA Vocabulary Watch: the staff's favorite word recently has been "cropdusting." That's when someone walks by you leaving a putt-putt trail of farts behind, so you're left standing in their scent. Apparently this is a common problem suffered by the folks working in the box office.

As I write this, the Body Manipulations show has just ended. There was an aerial rope-dance; a contortionist; a guy balancing on top of a straight (non-free-standing) ladder while cracking jokes and juggling torches with a plastic bag over his head; a guy doing handstands on top of a stack of four or five chairs; and a "happy chef" who managed to get twelve plates spinning atop twelve different sticks! Quite impressive and very funny. They ended with a bait-and-tackle show where a fellow dangled from meat-hooks in his back, but that's really not my thing, so I just listened to the audience cringe instead. Also they -- absolutely free of charge -- were branding the number "13" into anyone who wanted it. Which turned out to be almost 10% of the audience! (Kids today.)

All in all, a great show. A fun weekend, really: we had four consecutive days with not only no house music, but also four events that I would attended even if they weren't at our club! That's cool.

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