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More dissection of the misinformation surrounding the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. It's still not obvious to me what the hell happened there, but it *is* obvious that something's being covered up... Maybe they just don't want to admit having shot down the plane (though that may have been a totally reasonable thing to do) or maybe they don't want to admit that a bomb was smuggled onto the plane (because they want us to believe that taking away nail clippers solved the problem.)


precious bodily fluids, sapping us of.

I went and sat in a park reading a book after lunch today, and I saw something... new.

There was this couple sitting on the grass, being cuddly and affectionate. At one point, the guy was laying on his back, and the girl was on her knees by his head, so they were looking at each other upside down. Then she leaned over and slowly drooled this giant blob of spit at him. It landed on his face, they giggled, and she wiped it off. Then she did it again, and this time he caught it in his mouth. They did this a few more times.

I was kind of weirded out by this, though I guess it's not technically any grosser than kissing. Spitting just usually has such not-very-friendly connotations.

The oddest part was they didn't give the impression that this was some gross-out or domination game, they acted like spitting in each others' mouths was just some totally normal, affectionate thing.

Well, maybe it is, and I've just led a sheltered life...

Compare and contrast this to a the couple I observed later in the evening while waiting for my take-out order to come up: a gaggle of Marina-ites came up to the door of the cafe, and a girl marched up to the counter and said, "he'd like a turkey cheese-steak" (pointing.) The guy failed to enter the cafe. "Just a second." She went over to the door and the guy shouted, "you didn't even give me a chance to read the menu, why do you have to be such a bitch??" Brief, angry conversation ensued, and the whole group wandered off. The girl at the register stuck around for a while wondering if they were coming back. They weren't.

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people are scary.

Duran Duran fan fiction.

Nonunion construction workers used to cut costs on new Teamsters building

Nonunion construction workers used to cut costs on new Teamsters building

Teamsters Union 988 is holding the grand opening this weekend for its new union hall, which is expected to feature Teamsters President James P. Hoffa.

But it has become a sour moment for other labor leaders because the Teamsters didn't use union construction workers. They were told by the Teamsters that union contractors cost too much.

"No one is happy about it," said Paul Dunnam, organizer of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 716.

The electricians, along with other unions, complained to the Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades Council but to no avail. The council has no leverage over an individual union like the Teamsters because each local is run by its members.

"There are serious solidarity issues here," said Richard Shaw, secretary-treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO.