Welcome to The Corporate Rave (tm)

Welcome to The Corporate Rave (tm)


If you are in charge of deciding what kind of annual party your corporation will throw this year--start having more innovative and futuristic fun! Throw a corporate rave.

The Corporate Rave (tm) is the source for the rave-themed corporate gala. Concieved in the year 2000, The Corporate Rave (tm) brings the rave experience to corporate parties and exhibitions-- often to those who may have never before experienced a night of hi-tech celebration.

The Corporate Rave (tm) party experience was wildly successful last year for a major pharmaceutical corporation's top 600 Canadian salespeople with a night of music, visuals, lighting and lasers, dance acts, and even an ambient pillow lounge.

There are several different party packages, each including the newest in European lighting design and ultra hi-tech cyber-video mixed live to the DJ's music mix. Imagine your company logo visually mixed to the music and sychnronized with the video and lasers.

The Corporate Rave (tm) is perfect for conventions too because your booth will stand out like never before! Why not impress the conventionites with dazzling laser displays and your morphing company logo projected to the beat of the music. I can guarantee that you will make your mark and be remembered for a long time by your clients or employees when using The Corporate Rave (tm) to plan and implement your next corporate gala or exhibition.

"the corporate rave" and "thecorporaterave.com" are trademarks and products of Magnetic Eagle Productions. All rights reserved.

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  1. A pharmaceutical company? What a shocker.

    • jwz says:

      Oh lawdy, that site is great!

      • xaotica says:

        he's a funny kid
        i can't figure out how he managed to get so jaded though... it hasn't been *that* long
        i remember when he first started going out

        but his cynicism sure is amusing