this is a very strange article

The Feminization of American Culture

[...] At this point, you may feel that you've been reading two completely disconnected essays: one about the feminization of American culture, and the second about the effects of environmental estrogens. Could there be any connection between the two?

[...] A number of scientists, most notably toxicologist Jerome Nriagu, have suggested that one factor leading to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire was the lead glaze popular among the Roman aristocracy

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  1. bdu says:

    it's a very interesting read, if a bit biased.

  2. Things are different now. Male psychologists today are so rare that Ilene Philipson--author of On the Shoulders of Women: The Feminization of Psychotherapy--speaks of "the vanishing male therapist" as a species soon to be extinct. the gender of the modal psychotherapist has changed from male to female, the standard of mental health has changed along with it.

    i haven't read this book yet, but i DO hope that they mention that the feminization of psychotherapy also involves a significant decrease in salary, historically--just like the feminization of any profession!!

    Psychoanalyst Alice Miller confidently informed us, in her book For Your Own Good, that Adolf Hitler's evil can be traced to the spankings his father inflicted on him in childhood.

    read this a while was good, but the concepts are (duh) fairly simplistic and leave out a lot of context. interesting additional ideas though.

    *reads a bunch of bio-explanations for cultural shifts/pundulum-swings that actually allow women/children to live like real human beings*



    written by a man. sur-prise, sur-PRISE.

    • jwz says:

      One thing that really jumped out at me about that article was how declining fertility/sperm counts in the industrialized world was presented as if it was a bad thing. I dunno, that sounds a lot better than a giant die-off, which is pretty much the only other possibility in our future. It also sounds a lot like nature's system of checks and balances finally kicking in.

      • it sounds like a WAY better method of checks and balances than unreliable birth control practiced by stupid humans or expensive/exploitative sterilization. lower sperm counts. what a great idea!

        (except, really, you only need *one* to get the job done....)

        but oh no! mah boys are less fertile and we slap de wimmins around less now! it's all de fault of them eeevil female hormones! it's a conspiracy!

        i have to admit i kinda of scanned the latter parts so as not to whip myself into an indignant rage at work.

        intersting article all in all, though. thanks for posting.

        • jwz says:

          Well, the later parts are actual science, so I found them more credible than the earlier philosophical stuff about male/female roles. "Men are less manly" is an interesting but pretty goofy opinion, "our food is loaded with estrogen-like plastics" is a potentially dangerous fact.

          • it's the whole precise equation between biology (hormones in this case) and behavior that ALWAYS irks me.

            say what you will about the little fishies, but human behavior--and such complex phenomena as cultural trends especially--is way, way less determined than all THAT.

            "men are less manly" because of hormones--what a NICE way to denigrate the last 100 years of accomplishments from the women's movement and suffragists and child labor laws, etc.

            AND it's goofy.

            AND i seriously scoff at his presumption that ALL men are getting foofy-er. *i* certainly still run into a great deal of knuckle-draggers and wife beaters and date rapists. god help me. this shit still exists, and sometimes surges back in a scary pendulum-like fashion.

            his logic is also shitty. if women were "acting more like men", like he suggests in the first part, wouldn't that be the result of being exposed to more environmental androgens, as per his logic? instead they're getting more estrogens....

            and NOT to detract from the danger of envoronmental estrogens, but if it's anything mroe than correlational, he'd have to whup me up a shitload more of causal links.

            male/female roles are more my bag. i took a great sex & gender class in undergrad which methodically ripped apart the old party line on just about everything you're taught to believe.

            the decline and fall of the male american emprire.