so many Oswalds, so little time

This is great stuff for fueling my paranoid fantasies:

He presents some evidence that the "boxcutters" story was a lie, that the hijackers were in fact armed with explosives. But the best part is the stuff about the identity-hijacking of this "Saeed Alghamdi" character, who supposedly went down with one of the planes, but is in fact still alive: it sounds like he's a composite like Oswald was. And we do like the Oswalds, don't we? Sure we do.

And it just keeps getting better from there...


3 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    yeah, I'm pretty well convinced that whoever pulled off sept 11th at the very least had someone in our govt pulling punches to assure it would be a success. I repeat, AT THE LEAST.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    I still think box cutters would be plenty.
    grab a stewardess, make her bleed a little, and state that if anyone moves, she dies... well, most people don't want to face that responsibility. most won't be willing to allow such a sacrifice to save the rest of the plane. part of that was because up til now, hijacking never involved taking out the plane like that.

    but I am seeing a pattern forming.
    first you lose your bike, and blame a conspiricy
    next you acquire crowd-control fences
    I wonder how long till you move the DNA Bunker out into the middle of nowhere and barricade yourself in, webcasting your descent into paranoid militia-man status...

    • kalischild says:

      I LIKE his descent into paranoid militia-man status, It saves me the reseach time it would take to do it all myself. Before, I had to do the esoteric web searches myself, Now all I have to do is watch Invader Zim, eat pork rinds and click on Jamie's links, and I feel like I'm at Ruby Ridge.