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Last night I made rzr_grl watch Point Break, the best surfer movie ever made. But the priceless scene, and one I'd completely forgotten about, is where someone wearing a Ronald Reagan rubber mask turns a gas station pump into a flame thrower: and there are these lovingly slow motion shots of a Smiling Ronnie torching everything in sight. It's beautiful, just beautiful...

Kathryn Bigelow just totally fucking rocks. (Oh, hmm, she directed the awful-looking K-19, I guess I'll have to go see that now...)

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17 Responses:

  1. nester says:

    "we've been screwing you for years, so a few more seconds shouldn't matter"

  2. anthologie says:

    You're right. She does rock.

    "Strange Days" is one of my favorite movies, ever.

    I haven't seen "Point Break." Maybe now I will. :)

  3. kyronfive says:

    i saw that one in the threatre. i love the scene were the guy wearing the nixon mask is robbing a bank and yells out 'i am not a crook!'

    julio and i were talking about that movie just the other day. he was stunned that i clearly remembered patrick swayze's character's name (bhrodi) even though i haven't seen it in, like, 10 years.

    bigelow is good. some claim she's the reason why aliens was good (she was married to cameron at the time).

    • icis_machine says:

      and anthony kiedis was in the lame surfer that shot himself in the foot. i love that movie!!!

      oh and strange days too...even if some of it was lamely done.

    • rzr_grl says:

      he was stunned that i clearly remembered patrick swayze's character's name (bhrodi)

      actually, according to lori petty, it's "bodhi," as in:
      n. Buddhism
      An enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others.

      But i'm still impressed!

  4. phreddiva says:

    When you could have been watching the big lebowski??? ;)

  5. jorm says:

    She also directed my favorite vampire movie of all time, "Near Dark" - a film that has sadly been declared "lost" by the production company, as they can't find any copies of it anymore.

    So no special edition DVD, ever.

    • king_mob says:

      Hell, I know a guy who's got a VHS copy of that. I should tell him to seal it in Lucite and lock it in a vault.

      • jorm says:

        Holy Crap! I *just now* got a notice from Amazon that it was available for pre-order on DVD - released on September 10th.

        So I was wrong.

  6. duckierose says:

    Mind you, I think Point Break is a fantastic surfer movie, but I must argue that Endless Summer II is the greatest surf movie of all time.

    • darwinx0r says:

      I haven't seen "Endless Summer II", so I still think Endless Summer is the best surf movie of all time.


      • jwz says:

        I've not seen Endless Summer 2, but I have seen Endless Summer (though I don't remember it very well) and I've got to go with Point Break.

        Did Endless Summer have Ronald Reagan with a slo-mo flamethrower? No, I don't think so!

        • caitlinburke says:

          I like flamethrowers as much as the next girl, and probably a lot more, but flamethrowers do not a surf movie make. See, Endless Summer and ES2 actually are surf movies. Point Break, not so much.

          The Mav flicks, Year of the Drag-In and so on, THOSE are surf movies. Point Break is a cop movie with a sexy setting.

          ES2 is more or less a piss-take on ES, by the way. Very entertaining. And ES2 is to Year of the Drag-In as The Voyage Home is to The Wrath of Khan.

          Oh dear, did I write that in public?

      • duckierose says:

        Excellent point.

        You should see II. It's worth it.