Now That's a Big Molecule

Now That's a Big Molecule:

By Lakshmi Sandhana

The largest, tallest DNA model in the world wooed visitors to the Tomorrow's World Roadshow at Earls Court London last weekend, smashing a Guinness record in the process.

[...] Standing 40 feet tall and containing about 300 base pairs, the gigantic molecule broke its own record when 50 base pairs were added by roadshow visitors to the original record-breaking 250 made by the Children of Staffordshire and Cheshire and a group of Science celebrities including Francis Crick the DNA pioneer, earlier this year.

Assembled at the Potteries Shopping Centre in Stoke-on-Trent the older version of the record-breaking molecule was 35.36 feet tall and contained over 15,000 atoms. [...]

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