I am a bad parent

So I've got this program xkeycaps that I wrote in 1991 that lets you remap your keyboard. People still use it. Because X sucks, it has to have special knowledge about the shape and layout of every keyboard on the planet. It knows about 200+ keyboards at the moment. I get sent new keyboard layouts pretty often...

And I've been ignoring them since December 1999, because it's a pain in the ass to sanity-check their changes, and to install them into the program, and basically it's just not very interesting.

So there are 112 un-dealt-with messages in my xkeycaps mail folder right now, and I feel a little twinge of guilt every time a new one comes in (like just now.) Then I consign that message to probable oblivion and forget about it.

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8 Responses:

  1. brad says:

    Heh .... I still use that from time to time. :)

  2. inpetto says:

    That is, if anyone out in the world seems interested in taking it over.

  3. shayde says:

    I have like half a dozen programs like that - nothing quite as wideranging as xkeycaps, but my mailer stats gathering program Mailwatch has been sort of idling for a few years. Every once in a while I pop it open, look at it, adn go "My GOD this is an ABYSMAL piece of Perl code! AhhhH!" and run screaming.

    Alas, its a cool program though.

    I swear we need a small country that will just exist to keep maintaining our orphans. "okay, this doens't interest me anymore. Here."

    owait. that's sourceforge, isn't it?

  4. uke says:

    There must be some bright-eyed-bushy-tailed young whippersnapper who'd be willing to take it on, with not more than a 25% chance of messing it up. If you're not going to mess with it anymore, give it away!

    • jwz says:

      Hey, I already did give it away. The source is available. There's not exactly a mad scramble of people begging to get email about it.

      • uke says:

        There's a difference between having the source be open and advertising for a replacement maintainer.

  5. freiheit says:

    This makes me feel much better about having only half-making a layout for that Logitech keyboard I have at work.

    (I eventually just caved in and used xev and xmodmap to turn the silly keys across the top into something vaguely useful. plays well with xmms)

  6. evan says:

    I have almost a meg of LiveJournal "mood themes" (the little icons that associate with moods) sitting in my mailbox.