hey kids, let's make a utopia!

Remember oceania.org? It was one of the first crackpot-oriented websites I remember seeing, back in 1994: "let's build a luxury hotel on an oil rig, call it a country, and live out our libertarian tax-haven fantasies!"

Well that predictably went nowhere, but now the founder has apparently learned just enough about nanotech to be scared, so he figured that since he couldn't raise enough money to build an oil rig, instead he should raise money to build a space station from which to repopulate the earth after it has been wiped out by __________.

lifeboat.com choice quotes:

"A bunker/cave would be of little use if a particle accelerator mishap created a small black hole that sucked in all the matter on the planet. Just as useless as it would be in the event of an antimatter bomb attack."

"Why isn't the government making preparations to save us from this impending doom?"

"In the case of gray goo, the government would have to, among other things, sponsor and implement the development of active nanotechnological shields which would have to be embedded in every gram of matter on earth. Not an easy task."

"...The Atlantis Project, an ambition made obsolete by current events."

I think the timetravelfund.com folks are a better bet.

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