bunch of savages in this town

I can't believe it. I am, again, sans bicycle.

I had a great time at Meat last night. Great party, fun people, and netik and baconmonkey made us breakfast afterward. So that was all going nicely, up until the part where I wandered out to find that some time between 4AM and 6AM, someone had stolen the handlebars from my bicycle. Not the whole bike. Not the seat, or the front wheel. Just the handlebars. They clipped the cables and took the bars, but left everything else.

So I unlocked it, and when I picked it up... the fork fell off, since the handlebars were what held it on. So they could have taken the whole fork and front wheel as well, but they didn't. Huh?

What the hell is the resale value of a fucking handlebar! How much crack can you get for a shift lever?

I seem destined to not have a bike. It's a curse.

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  1. mcgroarty says:

    I had my seat stolen once. I found another worn and torn seat just around the corner.

    I'm convinced that most bike parts aren't stolen for resale. Rather, I suspect bike messengers and similar; folks who spend a lot of time on their bikes, who rely on them constantly. In that position, a body might not always have the time to make it to a bike shop for a replacement part, and a body's going to know the value of a good part when they see it.

  2. brad says:

    I've had my bike & parts stolen a ton.

    The best was the time they removed my seat, took off my rear splash guard, and put my seat back on for me (albeit half-crooked). And then they stole my friend's seat, which was better.

    Oh, but they still stole my fork, one of the most expensives pieces on my bike.

    Damn bike thieves.

  3. atakra says:

    OK, that sucks.
    With that said, you should know that in our neighborhood (and yes, I'm a neighbor by about three blocks) is fucked. You live near the 6th street nexus of doom, where the crackheads sell their sisters every Saturday morning.
    I live in the lowest nexus, where things are only starting to happen for these people at 4:00 am, which makes for some interesting late-night viewing.
    So as for what the thief got for your lost equipment? Probably about $5 of crack, or a good 10 minute high.
    Drugs make people stupid. I should know, I spent 45 minutes taking pictures of the people hanging outside of the DNA and The Eagle after both bars closed last night.
    Pictures of this will be posted later this week

    • jwz says:

      The more I think about it, the more inclined I am to believe it was a bike messenger on a shopping trip, not a crackhead. I find it hard to believe that a crackhead would be sufficiently with it to have an allen wrench with him, and yet choose to take the handlebars instead of the fork/wheel. Surely wheels are in higher demand.

  4. deus_x says:

    I think you need to hook yourself up with some South African vehicle security for your next bike, should you try for a third. At the least, wire the thing up with some charged soup-can capacitors.

  5. neschek says:

    I've thought about this problem a lot. Now natch, we don't get all that much bike thievery out in the Sunset (or, really, all that much of anything) but rather than trust statistics when I went out to buy a new bike I got a Dahon folder. Now when I bike to work, I just fold the thing up and stash it under my work desk.

    Sure, I'm 6'2" and I look like a gigantic huge dork or a circus bear riding a bike with smaller-than-average wheels, but at least I'm not chewing my fingers off worrying. It's probably worth it.

    • jace says:

      The cheapest Dahon bike is priced at $250. Here in India, a top-range street bike would sell for about $60 (but perhaps no comparision to a Dahon). An average village milkman bike would be $30.

      Is $250 - $600 standard pricing for a bicycle in the US?

      • pbrane says:

        that's actually probably fairly cheap for a bike in the US. I know folks paying well over a thousand, and not even for a mega-suped up racing one, either.

  6. oh GOD, that sucks.

    between you and simon....godDAMN it people are stupid.

    sorry. condolences....