bunch of savages in this town

I can't believe it. I am, again, sans bicycle.

I had a great time at Meat last night. Great party, fun people, and netik and baconmonkey made us breakfast afterward. So that was all going nicely, up until the part where I wandered out to find that some time between 4AM and 6AM, someone had stolen the handlebars from my bicycle. Not the whole bike. Not the seat, or the front wheel. Just the handlebars. They clipped the cables and took the bars, but left everything else.

So I unlocked it, and when I picked it up... the fork fell off, since the handlebars were what held it on. So they could have taken the whole fork and front wheel as well, but they didn't. Huh?

What the hell is the resale value of a fucking handlebar! How much crack can you get for a shift lever?

I seem destined to not have a bike. It's a curse.

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