I am surprised to report that The Dead Zone series is not bad. I like the transitions they do into and out of the visions.

For some reason I want to like Witchblade, so I haven't given up on it yet, but it's really pretty weak.

Has Strange World been cancelled? That was a really good show, much like X Files in its prime, but based in closer-to-reality science.

Apparently Rollins is hosting a Twilight Zone knock-off. I saw one episode, and it was ok, but i just couldn't help giggling when Hank came on all spooky-like. How could I take Rod Serling seriously if I knew that he'd done a cover of Funky Town with Ru-Paul?

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  1. knowbuddy says:

    The Dead Zone series is not bad

    Agreed. I want to hate Anthony Michael Hall and heckle him for all the horrific '80s movies, but he's too darn good in this series. I've only seen one episode so far (the second one, as odd as that is), and don't know when I'll get a chance to see it again due to its odd non-prime-time hours. Tho, I'm swearing that I saw it's coming to the SciFi channel in prime time? (Not entirely surprising since it's owned by USA.) That'd be cool. If not, hopefully next time I get on IRC there'll be a distro channel for it.

    I want to like Witchblade [...] but it's really pretty weak

    sigh. Yeah, same here. I loved the series up until the last episode of last season (the reboot) at which point I was so horrified that they fell back to the "it was all a dream" cliche that I had to stop watching it. Too bad, too, as Yancy Butler is hottie hot.

    • jwz says:

      You know, actually, the last season of Witchblade was pretty weak too. I kept waiting for something to happen and instead they spend half the season on some dumb police internal-affairs plot. The more I think about it, the less I understand why I'm still watching it.

      I think I will stop.

  2. king_mob says:

    I am fond of pointing out to people that Rollins has had one long strange trip of a career. When I was 14 he was this super-underground intense singer that no one had heard of and most people hated, and then ten years later he's in Heat, getting beaten up by Al Pacino.

    • jwz says:

      He is one of the funniest men alive. Every time I've seen him do stand-up (sorry, spoken word) I've almost pissed myself laughing. Especially any of the stories following the form of "shitty jobs Ian Mackaye got us fired from."

      Did you ever see his recurring self-parody Mad Stan character on Batman Beyond?

      By the way, if any of you have a recording of the afformentioned Funky Town cover, please send it my way. I heard him tell the story of recording it when I saw him live a few years ago (see also "pissing one's self") but I've never heard the actual song.

      Hank does a dead on impression of Ru-Paul. The cognitive dissonance there is beyond description.

      I got a DVD of his stand-up, and it didn't really compare to the live show. Maybe the editing threw the timing off.

      • someone sent me an anecdote he told about tom waits--and his impressions was DEAD ON. and indeed, i pissed myself laughing.

        i NEED more of his rants. i suppose they are downloadable?

        • king_mob says:

          Is the Tom Waits thing the "Forget her! She's haunting you from the grave!" rant about the guy who was in love with the dead girl? I lost it listening to that, and yeah, it was a dead-on Waitsian impression.

          • YES, THAT'S IT!!!!!!!

            the best part, though, is when he describes himself pacing around his house (because he's a rock star, home on saturday night), saying to himself, "what should he DO? what would **I** do?? i don't KNOW!!!" the tone is so funny on that one that i've repeated it in conversation MANY times.