I think friendsfriends needs a killfile.
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  1. brad says:

    That wouldn't be hard. We already have a ban table ... we could extend that with an attribute ENUM('ban','ignore') where ignore is less strong (killfile-like).

    Or, I could just make friendsfriends use the ban table as-is, and require you to first ban users that annoy you. But then, there's the possibility they'd find out (if they ever tried to comment in your journal). With a killfile ("ignore"), it'd be private.

    • fjarlq says:

      Some friends of mine list tons (200+) of friends seemingly indiscriminately, polluting my friendsfriends... it'd be handy if I could choose exactly which of my friends contribute to my friendsfriends.

      • You can choose to view only the friendsfriends of a filter you set up. So filter out the "indiscriminate" 200 friends people, and view only the friendsfriends of that filter... Say you call the filter "better", then you can view the friendsfriends at http://livejournal.com/users/fjarlq/friendsfriends/better . . . just like normal friends filters, only with friendsfriends. Make sense?

        • fjarlq says:

          Hey, that'd be a great solution, but it doesn't seem to work. I have a couple friends groups already set up, and they work for /friends/ but not for /friendsfriends/. I tried variations, and made sure I was logged in, and made sure my groups were still working for /friends/, but /friendsfriends/ doesn't seem to pay it any attention. Are you sure this works for you?