you've got to be kidding me

It's like I went to sleep, and woke up in some unfathomably hackneyed paranoid dystopia. This movie is completely unbelievable! Someone change the damned channel!

U.S. plans massive invasion of Iraq

    The attack would be a preemptive strike, a source familiar with the plans said. He added that the Armed Forces Staff College had done studies three years ago on U.S. preemptive strike capabilities, which are excellent. "The problem is that they cost a lot of political capital," he said.

    Bush announced several weeks ago that the U.S. reserves the right to strike first under certain circumstances, essentially changing long-standing U.S. Cold War policy.

Hackers 'branded as terrorists'

The Anti-Terrorism Act adds computer hacking to the list of federal terrorism offences, with penalties of up to life imprisonment.

FEMA Preparing for Mass Destruction Attacks on Cities

    FEMA is readying for nuclear, biological and chemical attacks against U.S. cities, including the possibility of multiple attacks with mass destruction weapons.

    The agency has already notified vendors, contractors and consultants that it needs to be prepared to handle the logistics of aiding millions of displaced Americans who will flee from urban areas that may be attacked.

    The agency plans to create emergency, makeshift cities that could house hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who may have to flee their urban homes if their cities are attacked.

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