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There is a patent on a method of growing real, live unicorns. The process involves surgical alteration of a one-week old goat, arranging its' horn buds so that they grow together. The patent claims that said unicorn would be ideal for use as a guard animal, as it would have higher general intelligence and physical attributes (as compared to what, exactly, is unclear). The US Patent Office awarded patent US4429685 to Timothy G. Zell in 1984.

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excellent propaganda posters

Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!
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musique nonstop

The other night exoskeleton and susan and I sat around at their house getting good and liquored up and talking trash while I took them on a musical tour. The highlights of this tour were mostly things I've discovered in the last two or three years, plus a smattering of, "You haven't heard of _____? How is that even possible?" Those would be the older ones. Anyway, I saved a copy of the playlist, and here it is. As your attorney, I recommend you familiarize yourself with these bands. There will be a quiz later. The ordering here started out alphabetical, then drifted as vodka-infused conversational associations dictated.

I'd include MP3s here, except that would be illegal, so for that you're on your own. The online record stores probably have clips of most of them.

Extremely close to none of this music ever gets played at DNA Lounge. (There are a handful of exceptions, but "mostly never.")

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song band album
Frank Sinatra Miss Kittin & The Hacker First Album (2001)
Nausea (Restructured) Adult Resuscitation (2001)
Mouth To Mouth
Silver Screen Shower Scene Felix Da Housecat Kittenz and Thee Glitz (2001)
Glass Danse The Faint Danse Macabre (2001)
Cruisin' For Sentient Beings Land of the Loops Bundle of Joy (1996)
Big Lover Pzycho Bitch Eden (2001)
Machine S.I.N.A. Snapshot
Every Second
Bohemian Rhapsody Fuzzbox Rules and Regulations (1986)
Rules and Regulations Bostin' Steve Austin (1986)
Who Stole the Show Brassy Got It Made (2000)
Work It Out
How He Wrote Elastica Man Elastica The Menace (2000)
CHaRLoTTe Kittie Spit (2000)
Strange Les Jumeaux Cobalt (1997)
Highway 90 Jane Jensen Comic Book Whore (1996)
Luv song
Suicide Ego Low Pop Suicide The Death of Excellence (1994)
Black Hole Babies The Disengagement EP (1992)
Murder Inc. Murder Inc. Locate Subvert Terminate: The Complete Murder Inc. (disc 1) (1992)
Hips, Tits, Lips, Power Pigface Fook (1992)
Divebomber Preaching to the Perverted: The Best of Pigface (disc 1) (2001)
Heavy Scene Meg Lee Chin Piece and Love (1999)
Flippin' Tha Bird Ruby Salt Peter (1995)
Powerclone Scar Tissue Separator (1996)
Watch T.V. Rasputina How We Quit the Forest (1998)
The Donner Party Thanks for the Ether (1996)
Vulcan Snake River Conspiracy Sonic Jihad (2000)
Somebody Hates You
You And Your Friend
Metal Nine Inch Nails Things Falling Apart (2000)
Dominion Day Gary Numan Exile (1997)
The Angel Wars
Ich Bin Ein Auslander Pop Will Eat Itself Dos Dedos Mis Amigos (1994)
Ich Bin Ein Auslander (fun-da-mental mix)
Me No Fear the Reaper
Shallow Hole Pain Teens Stimulation Festival (1992)
Nancy Boy Placebo Placebo (1996)
Bruise Pristine
Animal Prick Prick (1995)
She Knows Everything Medicine The Buried Life (1993)
Sharks Morphine Yes (1995)
Reptiles and Samurai Oingo Boingo Nothing To Fear (1987)
Nothing Bad Ever Happens Good for Your Soul (1987)
Breath Control Recoil Liquid (2000)
Great Day Storm Inc. The Calm Years (2001)
Ima Yora
Crazy Love Storm and Her Dirty Mouth Storm and Her Dirty Mouth (1998)
Pretty When You Cry Vast Visual Audio Sensory Theater (1998)
Dirty Hole
Angel Oxygiene 23 Blue (1995)
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