You know, one useful way to use your friends list is to use it as the seed for friendsfriends. So for example, suppose person A is your actual, semi-real-life friend, and you want to read their journal, but the contents of their friends list sucks. Well, assuming that you have some friend B who lists A as a friend, you can just befriend B, thereby seeing A's journal on friendsfriends, but not picking up A's lame-assed friends too.

So your friends list changes from "list of people I want to read" to "list of people I deputize to decide what I read." It becomes a list of editors rather than authors. I guess that might also save you from getting embarrassing email of the form, "why am I on your friends list, spooky stalker-boy?"

And by the way, this is a really good song. .\oo/ (←Secret devil sign hand gesture.)

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Fight Club as Calvin and Hobbes sequel

The Return of Hobbes
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New DNA Update.

So, I think I've seen this trick done before, but now I can't find an example of it. On the calendar pages, there's a little overview calendar grid on the left side, showing you the layout of the month and which days have events. There are actually two of them, one at the top and one at the bottom of the page.

What I'd like to do is have there be only one of them, but have it not scroll with the document: have it always be stuck to the bottom edge of the window, so that it's always visible on the screen. Actually, it would be cool if that was true of the whole left menu column.

But I want the page to be compatible with older browsers too, so on systems that don't support all that new CSS crap, it should look like it does today, with the two separate grids (and it should also do sensible things in browsers that have JavaScript turned off.) In other words, I want something that does non-stupid things in all of Mozilla, Netscape 4, Netscape 3, and MSIE 5.

Is that possible?

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