Escher math

Applying mathematics to Escher's Print Gallery

"This project aims to visualize the mathematical structure behind Escher's Print Gallery. This mathematical structure answers some questions about Escher's picture, such as: "what's in the blurry white hole in the middle?" By a five step process a wide variety of different pictures have been made, such as a straight picture, and a picture twisting the other way."

This is amazing stuff! Don't miss the animated zooms...

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[ LJ Poll 50033 ]


'l33t p1x0rz 0wn j00!

I like "Teh Anatomy of a Sharx0r" best

Mouse Pad Couch

a couch constructed entirely of mouse pads
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bunch of savages in this town

I can't believe it. I am, again, sans bicycle.

I had a great time at Meat last night. Great party, fun people, and netik and baconmonkey made us breakfast afterward. So that was all going nicely, up until the part where I wandered out to find that some time between 4AM and 6AM, someone had stolen the handlebars from my bicycle. Not the whole bike. Not the seat, or the front wheel. Just the handlebars. They clipped the cables and took the bars, but left everything else.

So I unlocked it, and when I picked it up... the fork fell off, since the handlebars were what held it on. So they could have taken the whole fork and front wheel as well, but they didn't. Huh?

What the hell is the resale value of a fucking handlebar! How much crack can you get for a shift lever?

I seem destined to not have a bike. It's a curse.

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Stupid Rave Site of the Week

This is hilarious. Some choice excerpts:

It should be noted, however, that the term "raver" is used in the pejorative, and much lore has been lost over the years in the style and deeds of the ravers themselves. Namely, that what was once a colorful drag queen or a cat-in-the-hat wearing, reflective vest adorning, gigantic stroboscopic glasses dressing wacky person on stilts ten years today a kid wearing a baseball hat, a hoodie, and big pants. [...]

That reminds me of something I thought of today: don't you think that breakers are really just closet gymnasts? Only they wear track pants instead of tights and listen to electro breaks instead of Enya, so no one will think that they're a bunch of fucking fruitcakes. But you know inside their own homes they're totally members of the Kerri Strug fan club. "Yeah, okay, whatever you say, you hardcore gangsta. See you at the meet next weekend--I mean battle. The battle. See you at the big battle. In the jungle room, with your team--I mean kru." [...]

DJs are really just custom tape makers. I used to do that when I was ten years old. I would make tapes called "Various" or "Rock Songs #1" and they would be full of select Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, AC/DC and whatever else I listened to in the late 80's that I thought was really cool at that age. Never did I think that people might want to listen to those tapes and then compliment me on the order that I arranged the music on them. I guess that's why I'm not a DJ.

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Welcome to The Corporate Rave (tm)

Welcome to The Corporate Rave (tm)


If you are in charge of deciding what kind of annual party your corporation will throw this year--start having more innovative and futuristic fun! Throw a corporate rave.

The Corporate Rave (tm) is the source for the rave-themed corporate gala. Concieved in the year 2000, The Corporate Rave (tm) brings the rave experience to corporate parties and exhibitions-- often to those who may have never before experienced a night of hi-tech celebration.

The Corporate Rave (tm) party experience was wildly successful last year for a major pharmaceutical corporation's top 600 Canadian salespeople with a night of music, visuals, lighting and lasers, dance acts, and even an ambient pillow lounge.

There are several different party packages, each including the newest in European lighting design and ultra hi-tech cyber-video mixed live to the DJ's music mix. Imagine your company logo visually mixed to the music and sychnronized with the video and lasers.

The Corporate Rave (tm) is perfect for conventions too because your booth will stand out like never before! Why not impress the conventionites with dazzling laser displays and your morphing company logo projected to the beat of the music. I can guarantee that you will make your mark and be remembered for a long time by your clients or employees when using The Corporate Rave (tm) to plan and implement your next corporate gala or exhibition.

"the corporate rave" and "" are trademarks and products of Magnetic Eagle Productions. All rights reserved.

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Dildoes of the Animal Kingdom

This explains Tank Girl and Booga
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best dad ever.

MechWarrior Treehouse

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conspiracy timeline

"Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do"

A Timeline Surrounding September 11th
If CIA and the Government Weren't Involved
in the September 11 Attacks,
What Were They Doing?

by Michael C. Ruppert

[Expanded and Revised July 11, 2002 - Evidence of Bush Administration Foreknowledge and complicity is now overwhelming. 13 New Items (noted in RED) Since Our Last Revision!]

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