whither the mechanoses?


Microwaves and toasters should have a sense of smell.

The toaster should know that my bagel is starting to burn, and the microwave should know that the popcorn is done. For the popcorn case, it could actually just listen for the frequency of pops.

But I really like the word "mechanoses."

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5 Responses:

  1. anonymous says:

    well, you can lower the time on both the toaster and the microwave. If the problem persists, you can always hire a professional.....

    clay pigeon

  2. cyantist says:

    totally agreed, and on an unrelated topic:

    maybe this is silly, but i really like when you make multiple updates on lj, so i can sit and watch your icons rotate all at once across my screen. it's soothing. (easily amused)

  3. rose_kennedy says:

    they sell $100 microwaves nowadays that will sense the steam level of your popcorn and cook it just right. I've seen my old roomate's microwave do that.
    Apparently the popcorn bag releases a whole bunch of steam right before it's done.