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I just went into the kitchen and I realized that I was slouching and stumbling around flat-footed just like Ozzy does. I suppose it could be worse, I could also be muttering incoherently at a little yappy-dog.

Do the keys on your keyboard still have ink on them? Most of them wear off of any keyboard I use regularly after about a month. This is upsetting to any non-touch-typists who follow.

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  1. nester says:

    I've had really good luck with these Mitsumi keyboards. You can tell the most heavily used keys by looking closely, but all of the lettering is still intact. Or maybe I just don't type as much as you.. :)

  2. kingfox says:

    Most of the desktop keyboards I've owned or used at work have that problem after about six to twelve months. I've tried Microsoft, Sony, Dell, and tons of generic-brand keyboards. The only two keyboards I've found that survived were a generic-brand black keyboard from Staples, and the new Compaq EVO desktop keyboards. Though I've only been using the latter for a few months, so who knows.

    Luckily my laptop was university issued, and I work for the university in the department that gives out keyboards, so as soon as my laptop became unsupported I was able to ask the hardware guy for a few backup keyboards.

  3. jace says:

    I have what is unarguably the best keyboard available in this country.

    Mechanical keys that click and recoil, ink that isn't showing the slightest sign of fading after more than year of banging away, and a weight that will make it stay put even when my fingers aren't coming straight down on the keys.

    And I've seen pieces that have been in use for over five years but still feel like new (don't look new though, grime collects).

    TVSE Gold and India, FWIW.

  4. confuseme says:

    The ink on my keyboards never fades at all, but <lj user="blanu">'s keyboards go bald immediately. I can't decide whether this has more to do with the keyboards we choose, or the way we type.

    I used a Sun type4 keyboard regularly a few years ago, and I feel like I used to see a whole lot of worn type4 keyboards; maybe they had cheap ink on them or something. But mine was partially worn when I got it, and I don't think it faded at all while I used it.

    • rahaeli says:

      I think it has to do with things like body chemistry and skin pH, actually. I touch-type for about 16 hours a day on my keyboards, and not a one of them has ever lost the paint.

  5. kw34hd1 says:

    slouching and stumbling around and muttering incoherently with little regard for one's surroundings is the path to true enlightenment, at least for a few minutes after waking up, anyways.

    i've never worn out a keyboard, but i scratched all the letters off of mine once a few years ago just to fuck with non-touch-typists. shortly after i got the neat idea to spray-paint one black or green or something, keys and all, but have never gotten around to doing so.