seeing shapes as colors


[...] The Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, who saw sounds as colors, even composed a symphony in 1910 that featured a colored light exhibit that he, no doubt, could see even without the lights. Other synesthetes, as they call themselves, include the poets Baudelaire and Rimbaud, painters Kandinsky and Klee, and the noted physicist Richard Feynman.

[...] The Vanderbilt team then showed WO pages of black numbers. In one test, a few 5s were interspersed among 2s and he was asked to pick out the 5s. Since they stood out as a different color, he completed the task in a fraction of the time required for people without the condition.

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  1. saintnobody says:

    imagine being a tetrachromat synesthete. you could hear in colors most people can't even see.

  2. knowbuddy says:

    Not that I would ever presume to tell you about music, but check out The Art of Noise's two-disc album The Seduction of Claude Debussy. It's highly relevant to this post and is generally Good Stuff.