"roid rage, man."

Steroids boost Spidey's senses

The hero said his superpowers came from long-term steroid abuse, rather than a radioactive spider-bite, as previously reported.

"The spider-bite?" Spider-Man said. "Just a cover. Did you see how I got so big overnight? Really, it was the 'roids. Climbing walls? Just 'roid rage. That web stuff out of my wrists? I have no idea where that came from, but now it's coming out of my pecs.


"Has Spider-Man been in the weight room with me?" asked Luke (Power Man) Cage. "Oh, sure, I got injected with some super-strength serum back in the day, but that was when I was doing time. Since then, I've been all natural...and did I mention a 'Hero for Hire'? I'm in the book. Anyway, Spidey had better watch his back -- I heard my boy Iron Fist was looking for him."

"And where the hell's my movie deal? "Undercover Brother," my ass."