minority report

Oh my god, Minority Report is fucking awful. If there was any doubt that everything horrid in AI was Spielberg's fault, and everything good was left over from Kubrick's work, this current waste of celluloid proves it.

Here's how awful it was: "We should have gone to see Scooby Doo instead."

I've been robbed. I want my time back.

Updated: it occurs to me that absolutely everything that was good or interesting about Minority Report (which wasn't much) had already been done far better in Gattaca. You should rent that instead.

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4 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    told you so.

    although i heard a review on the radio today that made it so simplistic that i think i lost the ability to do logic.

    well that, also leaves my night open... maybe i'll do bourne identity instead.

  2. nerpdawg says:


    It's pkd & spielberg. I want to like this.

    I think I'll delay emotion until I've actually seen it.

    Ebert seems to like it.

    *sticks head in sand*

  3. bilkeane says:

    i hate msot speilberg movies with every ounce of my soul. after seeing AI i stopped going to see any movies, at all, for over 10 months in protest.

    p.s. http://www.dumbassandthefag.com

  4. knowbuddy says:

    Up to the last 15 minutes it was okay, but the ending was absolute crap. I hate movies that need exposition-style narration at the end. It means they were too lame to wrap everything up but still want you to feel that they have. I should have gone and seend Bad Company.