"Michael Jackson looks nothing like his doll any more"


9 Responses:

  1. moof says:

    He's starting to look more and more like Helena Bonham Carter in Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes.

  2. q says:

    He'd make a good Star Trek alien.

  3. king_mob says:

    I liked Dennis Miller's joke: "Do you think Michael Jackson has a painting of himself in his house that keeps getting blacker and blacker?"

  4. cyantist says:

    ABC.. easy as 123he's badblack or white or scary????past.. present.. future?

  5. Hmm. I think the one on the left is better rendered, don't you?
    It certainly looks more like a human being, anyway.

  6. twistah says:

    If only I could find that one picture which shows his progression (digression?) as a series of pictures, with text that says something like, "Only in America can a poor African-American boy grow up to be a beautiful white woman."

  7. nerpdawg says:

    Good god.. in that picture he looks like he eats humans..

  8. anonymous says:

    And here I was thinking he looked a lot like the guy from iron chef - Kaga? Now there's someone that may well eat children