magnetic tape forensics

Richard Nixon's Last Secret

[...] Reames' approach is being taken a step further by researchers working at two of the Commerce Department's Boulder, Colorado, laboratories. Scientists there have developed a technique known as second harmonic magneto-resistive microscopy (SH-MRM) for forensic authentication analysis. It involves passing a tape hundreds or thousands of times over a high-resolution magneto-resistive head. The sensors in the head move back and forth over the tape without touching it, gradually building up, line by line, a topographic map of the tape's magnetic field at millions of points. The mapped data can then be plugged into an imaging program. If enough data is recovered, investigators can begin to rebuild the original signal.


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  1. jwz says:

    That song was a complete coincidence! I just noticed!

  2. knowbuddy says:

    ... speaking as one who grew up after all that crap was over and done with, I have to ask: Who really cares about Watergate any more? I mean, seriously, are we going to discover something that is going to radically alter the way our nation views its leadership? After all of the other scandals we've had since then, is there anything new that can come of this? Gah. Mass media and the sheep public holding on to an outdated story because they crave drama. As much as I love this country, I hate this particular aspect of it. America, as a generalization, needs to grow up.


    This isn't a vent at you, you're just the messenger.