Bourne Identity

Ok, Bourne Identity rocked all over. It was definitely one of the best productions of the Amnesia Spy archetype I've seen. It hit all the manditory exercises: car chase wrong way on the freeway, check; car drives through plate glass window, check; "the phone's been cut", check; "chefs do that", check; and so on; there's really no surprise at all about how it's going to turn out, but it kicks much ass along the way. The nod toward The Manchurian Candidate was a nice touch, too. Joe Bob says check it out.
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3 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    gee.. now i'm not so sure i wanna take this movie seriously. even franka could save it from the cheese you speak of. do franka's breasts save the movie perhaps?

    • jwz says:

      It really wasn't very cheesy! Or maybe I was just in the mood for it. Like I said, I kept seeing it as a production of Amnesia Spy; you wouldn't go see a version of Hamlet and bitch that they used this same gag in that other version of Hamlet... Not that I'm comparing spy movies to Hamlet. Spy movies are better.

      do franka's breasts save the movie perhaps?

      I am sorry to report that the sex scene was tasteful. Zero boobage.

  2. knowbuddy says:

    I don't know that I would put this fim into my Must Watch Over And Over And Over category, but yeah, I agree, it was good. The plot was a bit thin, and Matt Damon was a bit more like a wooden block than a superspy, but Franka Potente rocks my world and the fight sequences were good, so it all sorta balances out.

    I had a bit of trouble letting go of the book, but once I did I had a lot more fun with the movie. The movie is better for action, but the book is better for plot. As much as I wasn't crazy about Damon's stoic acting, it's still better than the neurotic versions of the character we've been subjected to previously.