ah, city livin'

It's gotten so that when I'm walking around town, and I see a giant turd sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk, I can't help staring at it as I walk by and trying to figure out whether it's canine or human. When it's half wrapped in a piece of newspaper with finger-shitprints on it, there's no doubt.

Today I saw a pair of pigeon wings on the sidewalk. Not a dead pigeon, mind you: just the wings. With the gristly little drumstick bone-ends sticking out. They were lying there spread out in all their Joel-Peter Witkin glory. No body in sight. I really want to think this was the result of some four-legged predator, but, well, I don't.

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  1. hepkitten says:

    When we were in DC marc and I came across a pigeon with no head. Not in some out of the way place, but smack in the middle of a very busy tourist plaza. And it was fresh (blood not congealed) I took some pics, but I am terribly curious as to how a pigeon would lose its head in the middle of a plaze filled with parents and children and tourists! Did it get clipped by a plane and fall to its death or something?

  2. atakra says:

    On 16th and Harrison (where I walk every day), there's a bus stop for the 22, 33, and 53 lines. In back of this particular bus stop, on any given day there is a random selection of ever-changing bones. Lots of times there are detached pigeon wings lying nearby, sometimes there are obvious chicken bones, and on rare occaisions larger bones (Pig or sheep?) will appear.
    My speculation on this is that it is the work of Stephen Leyba http://www.satanicapache.com/ San Francisco's local "Apache Indian satanist" who lives *somewhere* in the area. Incidentally, Mister Leyba reputedly also has a day job working as a florist at the city's biggest (and gayest) flower arranger, a strangely fitting job for a satanic/bondage performance artist.
    Ask me about my "Six-Degrees" connection to Mister Leyba sometime... It's an interesting story.

  3. Shameful and naked, out there in the
    Great cold outdoors
    We have to learn these things again

    (A damned fine song, that one. It always surprised me that Shriekback weren't more popular.)

    When I visited San Francisco, coming from a city with a mere 350,000 people, I was quite unprepared for some of the things you find on the street in the heart of a big city that size. The difference between "Oh look, a homeless person, how odd" and one on every corner. Strange, irrepressibly organic smells coming out of open sewer grates. I think I saw a singular pigeon part (foot or wing) at least a couple of times when walking through SoMa on my way to work, and couldn't help thinking that our aerial rats (seagulls, for the most part) have it easy.

    This is the sound of poisons
    The sickness no-one knows