King Mob

King Mob just keeps popping up, like a plate o' shrimp.

I first heard the name King Mob used for a character in Grant Morrison's mindfuck comic, The Invisibles, which, as your attorney, I strongly advise you to read. Then it cropped up again when king_mob told me that, during an English dry-run of the French revolution, a debters prison was emptied and torched, and the walls were painted with the proclamation, "These inmates freed by authority His Majesty, King Mob." And then some time later I got The Damage Manual album (if you like Pigface, Chris Connelley, or Killing Joke, this is required listening) and encountered their song King Mob. It's a weird song: the first time I heard it, I didn't like it at all (which is unusual for me: usually I know right away whether I like a song or not) but after a couple more listenings, it sunk its claws into my brain and wouldn't let go.

It's playing now. I am Jack's memetic vector.

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