Burn, Hollywood, Burn.

Wow, check this out, from RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter): the author of the Yahoo deal on which the new RIAA webcasting royalty rate was based has come forward to say that the deal was specifically designed to make it impossible for small webcasters to compete!

Mark Cuban says:

Now, no one asked me any of these things prior, during, or after the first or second pricing. I'm not sure that this matters. But if it does, here it is: The Yahoo! deal I worked on, if it resembles the deal the CARP ruling was built on, was designed so that there would be less competition, and so that small webcasters who needed to live off of a "percentage-of-revenue" to survive, couldn't.

Please don't drop dead of non-shock.

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I guess you go to hell for that too?

Preacher says he was beat up after sermon

Associated Press - June 21, 2002 05:45:00

LOXLEY, Ala. - Authorities are investigating the alleged beating of a preacher by funeral mourners who didn't like his blunt eulogy.

Glynis Bethel tells the Associated Press that her husband, Pastor Orlando Bethel, was attacked during a June 14 funeral and dragged out of the church. That's because Bethel told mourners the deceased was in hell and that they were headed the same way.

The dead man was Mrs. Bethel's uncle.

Pastor Bethel referred to him as a "drunkard and a fornicator." Mrs. Bethel, who's also a preacher, says, "the fornicators didn't like what he said so they got up and beat him."

She says police didn't make any arrests, so she and her husband, who may have a broken nose, are taking out warrants.

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this is the cutest cenobite ever

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