So that fucking inescapable big-hit White Stripes song, whatever it's called, has exactly the same intro as Love in a Void.

I'm so glad I didn't go. Always trust your Spidey-sense.


Bourne Identity

Ok, Bourne Identity rocked all over. It was definitely one of the best productions of the Amnesia Spy archetype I've seen. It hit all the manditory exercises: car chase wrong way on the freeway, check; car drives through plate glass window, check; "the phone's been cut", check; "chefs do that", check; and so on; there's really no surprise at all about how it's going to turn out, but it kicks much ass along the way. The nod toward The Manchurian Candidate was a nice touch, too. Joe Bob says check it out.
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do not deviate from the script

Drone:   HelloandwelcometounitedartistscinemashowcanIhelpyou.
Me:   Medium popcorn. No Butter. Medium Coke.
Drone:   For only twenty-five cents more, you can get...
Me:   No thanks.
Drone:   But it's only...
Me:   No.
Drone:   [ scoop, scoop, scoop ]
Butter on your popcorn?
Me:   No.
Drone:   What kind of soda?
Me:   Coke.
Drone:   Diet Coke?
Me:   No.
Drone:   [ click, click. pause. click click click. pause. ]
Eighty-five dollars and ninety-two cents, enjoytheshow.

Can't they replace these hopeless losers with vending machines yet so I don't have to go through this script every single time? It's not like I'm ordering something esoteric here! How can they manage to get the paper hat on straight if their short-term memory fuzzes out after less than a second?

The last time this happened, I repeated the script to rzr_grl while we were waiting in line, and when we got to the front of the line, I couldn't stop myself from laughing every time I said my lines. ("Yes, I'm laughing at you, and no, I can't stop.") I think that one of these days I should just go in there with a tape recorder and un-pause the playback to do my part. But I suspect the point would be lost on the audience.

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Turn Your Back On Bush

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[...] Graduating students were told that they would be expelled and arrested if they turned their backs. they were alerted that dozens of staff memebers and police officers would be watching the stands, as well as the Secret Service. A few students asked for the definition of expulsion....did it mean removal from the stadium or refusal of their diplomas, or both? One of the persons at the front said "Both."