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BBC hijacks TiVo recorders

By Andrew Smith

Users of the TiVo digital video recorder have reacted angrily to a new sponsorship feature that automatically records certain programmes, adverts and other promotional material.

[...] viewers in the UK were surprised this week to find that the second episode of the little-known BBC sitcom "Dossa and Joe" had been recorded without their knowledge and added to the system's main menu screen.

They were even more surprised to find that they won't be allowed to delete the programme for one week, and that more sponsored recordings are on the way.

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[...] But ironically, due to the BBC's notoriously bad time-keeping and TiVo's strict adherence to schedules, the programme started late and therefore any TiVo viewers watching the recording would have missed the last few minutes.


Meanwhile, TiVo sponsorship in the US has been introduced in a more commercial way this week, as the system automatically recorded a video promoting Sheryl Crow's new album, along with two adverts for TiVo's distribution partner Best Buy.


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  1. q says:

    Suddenly I don't want a TiVo anymore.