today's wheel-reinvention

Today I hacked Emacs-Lisp for the first time in, I think, years. I got tired of editing my LJ posts in emacs, then checking the HTML by writing it to a temp file, then pasting it into the form, so I went looking for an emacs LJ client. (I used to just write my posts in the form's text field directly, but I had the Back button eat the post one too many times, so I gave up on that.) There is an emacs client, but it doesn't work with XEmacs, so it's useless to me. So I wrote my own. It does almost nothing, but it's the superset of nothing that I cared about.

This was largely motivated by wanting to crosspost between a mailing list I use for spamming my friends with URLs that amuse me, and my LJ page here. That's what the previous posts today were: look, it works! I do that with this. It auto-pastes-and-rewraps the selected text, and automatically puts in <lj-cut> tags on long posts and everything.

I mourn lisp.

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