Punk Rock Aerobics

oh the humanity...

"We were trying to take moves that people would do in clubs -- like pogo and skank -- and put them into our workout, as well as having it be effective and actually have the heart rate go up, have this be a workout," said Punk Rock Aerobics co-founder Hilken Mancini, who is also a singer and guitarist for Boston's Fuzzy. "So it's sort of this fine line between choreography and chaos."

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  1. jette says:

    Those classes sound like the moral equivalent of the Motown-dancing pasta-making scene in The Big Chill.

    I hate nostalgia.

    How do I know she's middle-aged and nostalgic, and not young and retro?

    Any woman who's been to an aerobics class in the past ten years knows that pink lyrca went out with tapered jeans. The nineties were all about cardio kick-boxing in black yoga pants. "My new exercise technique is unstoppable."