I decided to take a moment to pick on Netscape some more in my latest DNA Update. Yeah, I'm just a big meanie. What can I say, I was feeling ornery.

Half of the people I know who have LJ accounts have been writing about this show that happened last week, so I figured I'd give you my review of it too:

    I didn't go.

    The end.

So I ordered some CDs a while ago, and they've been trickling in, and one of the unfortunate things that most online-ordering places do is that even if you've specified USPS as your shipping method, half the time they decide to give you a "free upgrade" to UPS.

Fucking yay.

See, the UPS guy doesn't have the key to my building's mailboxes. And doesn't deliver on saturdays. And never comes by when I'm home. So the end result is, I get USPS in 3-5 days, and UPS in more like 5-9 days, depending on where in the week we are. It's a constant irritation, since not only is it slow and inconvenient, but it also costs someone more.

So the other day, I signed the little sticky thing and left it on my door like I always do, and the next day, there was a new sticky thing, and he had written on it, "unsafe to leave parcel outside!" By outside he meant, of course, in the interior hallway of my yuppie-infested apartment building.

So I signed the new one, and attached a note saying, "It's safe enough! Please leave it anyway, ok?"

He did, and the package was a single CD mailer. One disc! If our mailboxes had slots in them, it probably would have fit. It's not like he was leaving a TV or something.

This S.I.N.A. album is like, the best thing I've heard in years. Damn! More like this!

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3 Responses:

  1. kyronfive says:

    great show review. we need more like this.

    btw i've spun SINA at your club the last three times i DJed there.

  2. prd says:

    You should also try Pzycho Bitch.

  3. atakra says:

    I happened upon this on Pigdog.org and thought you might be interested because it talks about the same Mozilla party and hypes the upcoming one.