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I just watched this deeply disturbed (and really good) werewolf movie called Ginger Snaps. Very creepy, very good. It had a similar level of twisted werewolf sexual-awakening fu as The Company of Wolves. But it was set in the nightmare that is high school, rather than some surreal Red-Riding-Hood land.

I've seen a couple other good horror movies recently that reminded me a bit of it, in that they were decent horror movies that were also super low budget with actors I hadn't heard of:

  • Cold Hearts was kind of the vampirism-as-eating-disorder take on the topic. It was kind of like The Lost Boys if they were slacker girls, it wasn't a comedy, and there was a complete merciful lack of Coreys.

  • The Forsaken is a vampire-hunting road-trip movie that kind of reminded me of The Hitcher (which was not nearly as good.) Guy gets bit, goes hunting. Good villains. I liked the matter-of-fact approach it took: there was little of that unbelievable beating around the bush that you often get in these movies; the characters were like, "Ok, vampires are real. Check. Now we deal with it."

Anyway, Joe Bob says check 'em out.

Anyone got other independent horror or scifi movies to recommend? The mainstream pickings have been pretty slim lately.

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look ma, I'm quoted in Wired again

AOL Test May Renew Browser War


But even if AOL keeps Microsoft from taking over the Internet, Steve Case shouldn't expect too many warm fuzzies for it. "I'm all for megacorps making use of open standards and open source," said Mozilla project founder Jamie Zawinski, who resigned after AOL's takeover in 1999. "But I'm supposed to be rooting for (AOL-Time Warner) over Microsoft? What's up next, Union Carbide versus Philip Morris?"

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I must say, I get a certain perverse pleasure out of conversations that go like this:

They:   So, we've been using some of your code in our program for a while, and someone just noticed that you licensed it under the BSD/X license instead of GPL, so we can't use it. Will you change it?
Me:   Hell no.
They:   But but but, freedom!
Me:   The license I chose says, basically, "do what you want, just give me credit." The license you chose says, "do what you want, so long as you impose this list of restrictions on anyone who uses this code or anything that touches it.") So, because you chose a license that is so much more restrictive than the one I chose, you want me to add restrictions to my license, that is, take away freedoms, to convenience you?
They:   But RMS says we have to force people to do the right thing!
Me:  Screw you, hippie. Go piss up a flagpole.

I hoped to have had my last conversation about licenses in 1996, so I enjoy playing the intransigent hardass about it when someone wastes valuable time that I could be using to pick my nose or look at porn.

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