I am just a fucking wreck today. This whole webcasting thing is seriously bumming me out. I haven't been this depressed since we were deep in the throes of noise abatement, and it was looking like there was a good chance that we were never going to be able to open at all. I'm rapidly approaching the point where I just say "fuck it", turn off the webcasts and sell the computers. I've got a longer rant brewing in me about it, but I just don't feel like writing it down yet.

I never know whether stuff goes here or on the DNA site (another symptom of my life-long inability to separate work from non-work.)

There's this total pain in the ass bug in webcollage (the screen saver version): apparently Alta Vista changed their HTML again, and so webcollage is scraping URLs out of it wrongly now, and ends up requesting images from other sites with random crap like &rpos=X appended on the end. So now I'm getting a stream of love letters from people bitching at me for filling up their error logs with 404s.

So, I've fixed the bug, and it'll be in the next release of xscreensaver... and maybe in six months, everyone will have upgraded, and these people will stop seeing the 404s.


The latest version of Mozilla is crashing on the club kiosks, and some of the Mozilla folks have been trying to help me reproduce it in a way that will let them figure out why, because otherwise it'll be pretty embarrassing at their party when their product won't function on the club's computers. But hey, not my problem. I had about five minutes of stress about this the other day before I realized, "wait, this is so not my problem, and hasn't been for years."

And we still don't have a June flyer for the CODE because we still have no idea who's playing on the 13th.

There are people who have livejournals -- who look like grown-ups -- who were born after I graduated high school. This is deeply and fundamentally disturbing.

And I have a headache.

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