Download show cancelled

I'm sorry to report that the Download show on June 20th has been cancelled.

The band's representative had signed the contracts and webcast agreement, so we thought we were done: we went ahead and announced the show and started selling tickets. Two days later, they came back to us and said, "by the way, no webcast."

We webcast everything here at the DNA Lounge: it is one of the primary reasons this club exists. We never would have booked a show with a performer who was not ok with that (most of them see it as a benefit!) So the fact that we found out about it so late doesn't change that: no webcast, no show.

We're very sorry that we found out about this so late in the game. We didn't mean to get your hopes up unnecessarily. We really had every reason to believe that the deal was done, and the show was on.

I'm furious and depressed and went into a little more detail on the new DNA Update.

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