yeah. so. hi.

Dunno how often I'll be updating this, since I tend to write about work-related stuff over here, and more self-contained gags and rants over here. I guess I could write about non-work-related goings-on, but, um. There aren't any. But hey, at least I drink free. For some value of "free" approximating "mind-numbing debt." Barkeep! One more, please!
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  1. king_mob says:

    You know about friends-only posts, right? All the stuff that you claim you can't talk about in public, you could post here and mark the post friends-only to keep the distribution low.

  2. netik says:

    I read your recent gruntle on elevator shafts, and the reason why elevators don't fall when their cables are cut is because of a cunning little invention built by Otis. Although some believe (incorrectly) that Otis invented the elevator, his braking mechanism enabled the construction of the skyscraper as cars could be safely brought to higher floors without the fear of death or collapse.

    The key to his invention was a toothed guiderail located on each side of the elevator shaft that caught the elevator car. If the cable failed, the teeth would engage, locking the car in place.