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I just got a packet in the mail informing me that my homeowners' insurance policy has been modified with the addition of a "PATHOGENIC ORGANISMS EXCLUSION":

    1. This insurance does not apply to: "Bodily Injury", "Property Damage", "Personal Injury", or "Advertising Injury" arising out of any "pathogenic organisms," regardless of any other cause or event that contributed concurrently or in any sequence to that injury or damage.

    "Pathogenic Organisms" means any bacteria, yeasts, mildew, virus, fungi, mold, or their spores, mycotoxins, or other metabolic products.

I don't know why I even bother reading this stuff.

Has the interweb just recently reached Germany or something? In the last few months I've gotten a number of interview requests from people writing for industry-wank financial rags wanting to talk about the "good old days" -- but they're all from Germany! I've started just telling them no, because they don't ever ask interesting questions, and they understand sarcasm even less well than the native-English-speaking financial ambulance-chasers do.

In related news, I recently started trying out Mozilla, since 0.9.9 is the first version that doesn't crash on startup. I think it almost sucks less than 4.78 (faint praise though that is, since I think the 4.x series is utterly pathetic.) It took nearly two days before a response to one of my bug reports made me feel the need to invite one of the developers to blow me. Well, that's not true: it only took about 30 minutes before I felt the need. But I was able to resist it for nearly two days.

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ooh, shiny

The staff monkeys here at jwz testing labs have approved the toy to the right for your use. Not only does it glow in the dark, but it makes very satisfying clickety noises when you point the sticks at the balls. There aren't enough pieces to make anything menacingly large, though; we hypothesize that fun will increase linearly with number of sets.

Warning: we find that it is not as much fun assembling things with the lights off as we expected: the balls roll away.

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it's all about the liquid peanuts

I've never been much for salad (salad is what food eats!) but this unbidden salad arrived with take-out, and it came with peanut sauce as dressing! It's great! I had never even considered this possibility before. Even though I'm always disappointed if the staff in a Thai restaurant take away the leftover peanut sauce from the appetizers before I've finished eating it with my fingers. The lettuce-as-peanut-sauce-delivery-vehicle angle had slipped by me. Yay peanut sauce.
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I think I broke my brain

Last night I wasn't able to fall asleep until 7:30am, then I woke up at 11am vibrating. I was finally able to sleep for a few hours this afternoon, but here I am awake again.

Yes, I think my brain is broken.

What do you think, cut-and-paste, or just links? I think "just links" is what would make Ted Nelson happy, so, here: new DNA update.

This livejournal update page can't really suck as much as it seems to, can it? How come I have a preview button and a don't-convert-newlines-to-BRs button when I comment on someone else's journal entry, but I don't get those when I'm writing an entry of my own?

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yeah. so. hi.

Dunno how often I'll be updating this, since I tend to write about work-related stuff over here, and more self-contained gags and rants over here. I guess I could write about non-work-related goings-on, but, um. There aren't any. But hey, at least I drink free. For some value of "free" approximating "mind-numbing debt." Barkeep! One more, please!
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