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So I heard "Radar Love" on the radio the other day for the first time in like ten years. It's not as good a song as I remembered, but it's got a certain oomph, and it occurred to me that this is a song that really needs to be covered by a band who listened to a lot of Gang of 4. It's all about the bassline. I think Revolting Cocks could make a good go of it musically, but then they'd turn it into Comedy Music once they added the vocals, and that would be a mistake. Maybe Cop Shoot Cop.

I also heard some modern punk/metal band's forgettable cookiecutter song whose intro kind of reminded me of "Killing an Arab", which made me realize that I really want to hear Public Enemy covering that. The cadence is totally there. Or some kind of Swedish Black Metal thing would also work.

I think that in general, industrial bands should stop doing covers.

Especially covers of other industrial bands, or synthpop songs. I mean what's the point.

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