rzr_grl gave me a stack of real live film pictures (the others were digital) so there are some new pictures from the show up now.

Scanning photos sure is a pain in the ass. And I think my scanner sucks. All I want is a camera that has the resolution, speed, color and brightness response of the human eye, results in immediate digital images, followed by printed images showing up some time later. Is that really so much to ask?

I have to get well before noon tomorrow for a meeting with the guys who run Studio Z (nee Transmission Theatre) in which our intrepid heroes (that would be me, Alexis and maybe Barry) try to convince them to please stop trying to get themselves shut down as quickly as they can, sigh...

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  1. gah! why the hell do people invariably get 6,000,000 pictures of our 3 acoustic songs, and practically none of our other 8?? we have this HUGE stockpile of pictures of the acoustic stuff, but barely any record that we've ever played the rest of our material live!

    BAH I SAY.

    ok, i'm done whining.


    THANK YOU FOR er... HOSTING... US. or something.

    • fuck, accidentally hit send before i was done.

      anyhow, seriously, thanks. not that you did that much of the organizational work, to my knowledge, but it is your monetary gambit, so thanks. we appreciate it. best show we've ever had. really.

      • jwz says:

        It was definitely a fun night!

        I didn't do any of the organizing of this one, though I think it was my idea to do all four bands on the same night, instead of two different events. Lately my primary skill seems to be delegation. "Boy, I sure do love white-washing this fence, yes I do..."

        • kyronfive says:

          logistically, we could not have done it at the dna any other way than to combine the two shows. we didn't want to do a Monday show against death guild and the bands (A23 / Noxious) wern't available on saturday or tuesday night for an SF show.

      • bdu says:

        icis has some pics of your first show, some of which were of the electronic portion.

        unfortunately she never gave them to me to be put online.

        • uh... well, she should. get them to me somehow.

          i will dance for her in return.

          • bdu says:

            I think they might be MIA. we took about 6 disks worth of pics that night, I got about 4, and none of them were you guys, she says she gave me all she had...

            the mystery of the missing c:/ pictures...

    • kyronfive says:

      i think photographers often take most of their photos in the first couple songs of a band's set.

      also, it's not every day that you see an industrial band doing a live acoustic set. novelty breeds pictures.

    • atakra says:

      Photographers want to dance too.


  2. g_na says:

    Current Music: Force Dimension - Mockba

    Wow, it's been *years* since I've heard anyone mention that band!