New DNA Update. You are all buying of the KMFDM / Pig / Kidneythieves tickets now, yes?

The lineup for next thursday has been updated again, check the CODE page for details. Be there or suck.

Ghreg gave me this CD with a bunch of Atomic Reactor and Hecate tracks on it which is blowing me away. This KLOQ track "What You Are" (with the the guy from Nitzer Ebb singing) just kicks so much ass.

cyantist got me a 128k Mac! It's in pristine condition, though the H key doesn't seem to work (didn't really need that anyway.) I've been looking for one of these for years, and she managed to track one down on ebay. Whee! This is the original Mac from 1984; they're hard to find, because they weren't on the market very long (the 512k "fat mac" came out shortly after.) I had one, but I foolishly sold it in the 80s. But now I've got one again. Why? Because it's the smallest computer capable of running Dali Clock, and my apartment Clearly needs a dedicated Dali Clock Appliance.

Now I need to figure out how to actually get the Dali Clock executable onto a disk that this machine can read. No small trick, as modern floppy drives are no longer capable of writing the the 400K floppies that these machines use.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can run PalmOS on this thing. I'm guessing not... it'd probably take way too much memory to emulate the Palm's frame buffer. These machines are 68000s, and the first Palms were (basically) 68020s (faster, and with a 32 bit address path instead of 16), but the killer is that they had like 8x as much RAM.

"Why in my day, we had to XOR our forward and backward lists pointers into the same word!" "You had XOR? Luxury!"

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