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I just got a packet in the mail informing me that my homeowners' insurance policy has been modified with the addition of a "PATHOGENIC ORGANISMS EXCLUSION":

    1. This insurance does not apply to: "Bodily Injury", "Property Damage", "Personal Injury", or "Advertising Injury" arising out of any "pathogenic organisms," regardless of any other cause or event that contributed concurrently or in any sequence to that injury or damage.

    "Pathogenic Organisms" means any bacteria, yeasts, mildew, virus, fungi, mold, or their spores, mycotoxins, or other metabolic products.

I don't know why I even bother reading this stuff.

Has the interweb just recently reached Germany or something? In the last few months I've gotten a number of interview requests from people writing for industry-wank financial rags wanting to talk about the "good old days" -- but they're all from Germany! I've started just telling them no, because they don't ever ask interesting questions, and they understand sarcasm even less well than the native-English-speaking financial ambulance-chasers do.

In related news, I recently started trying out Mozilla, since 0.9.9 is the first version that doesn't crash on startup. I think it almost sucks less than 4.78 (faint praise though that is, since I think the 4.x series is utterly pathetic.) It took nearly two days before a response to one of my bug reports made me feel the need to invite one of the developers to blow me. Well, that's not true: it only took about 30 minutes before I felt the need. But I was able to resist it for nearly two days.

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