So what's in that climate bill

Normally I don't enjoy receiving infodumps via video talking-head, but everything I've read about the Inflation Reduction Act has either been incredibly vague, or so longwinded that I retained none of it. This video does a good job of summing it up. Tl;dw -- it seems pretty good actually.

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Today in "Hot Superyacht Probs" (literally)

A brand-new £20m superyacht has been destroyed by fire just weeks after it was delivered to its multimillionaire owner, the Italian car industry boss Paolo Scudieri.

Seven crew members and nine passengers on the ship were unharmed and evacuated to other boats nearby, but the Aria is thought to be unsalvageable. [...]

The yacht, which had a gym and a pool and could accommodate up to 10 guests across five staterooms, was delivered to Scudieri late last month.

Scudieri's suite on the main deck included a private lounge with a skylight, a terrace and direct access to an outdoor lounge via a private staircase.

Because of course it did. You absolutely need a private staircase to keep you away from the unwashed masses on your yacht. Some before photos.

Searching for this also, sadly, led me to this article:

Burning Man-Inspired Superyacht Proves Anything Is Possible:

Video game designer and entrepreneur Dave Hagewood's newly relaunched GALAXY is the ultra-luxe, Burning Man-inspired, superyacht spaceship the young, first-time superyacht owner always knew he wanted. [...]

"The design concept was always about Dave and Danielle's love of life, passion for creating their own community like they find at Burning Man, and gifting everyone who steps onboard an energy that's pure and unforgettable. GALAXY is their very own spaceship." [...]

Hagewood also brings some fresh perspective to superyacht ownership as well. "There are lot of yachts out there that are very private, very closed. And there are lots of people that are kind of just retired and sailing off into the sunset," he says. "But there are a few that are really looking for our kind of energy. And we love meeting new people."

Ooooohhhhhhhhh, so it's a fuckyacht. I'll bet that no superyacht owner has ever considered the possibility of that before.

"Their passion for outer space and that feeling of being in another world meant so much, GALAXY became this, but it's also their home on the water," Colbon adds. "It touches the senses from head to toe, especially in the main salon, which can be their very own private members club, a super comfortable space to chill in the afternoon, a movie theater, and then transform into a nightclub where Dave can play his latest music track."

I am not going to search for Dave's Latest Music Track. I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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OnlyFans bribed Facebook to put porn stars on terror watchlist

Adult performers saw their Instagram accounts falsely tagged as containing terrorist content -- crippling their ability to promote their business and devastating their incomes, according to the suits.

Sellers of smutty pictures were then "shadowbanned" across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites, the suits allege. Targeted accounts also included businesses, celebrities, influencers and others who "have nothing to do with terrorism," according to the suits. [...]

The plaintiffs claim the scheme dates back to 2018, when they say one or more Meta employees -- potentially including an unnamed senior executive -- took bribes from OnlyFans.

They claim the bribes were routed from OnlyFans' parent company, Fenix International, through a secret Hong Kong subsidiary into offshore Philippines bank accounts set up by the crooked Meta employees, potentially including at least one unnamed senior executive.

The suits -- which also name OnlyFans majority owner Leonid Radvinsky as a defendant -- claim the bribes paid off around October 2018, when people sold content through OnlyFans' rivals were allegedly hit with a "massive spike in content classification/filtering activity" that limited their reach. Meanwhile, users of OnlyFans enjoyed a "mysterious immunity" to the crackdown, the plaintiffs claim. [...]

The "Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism" was formed by Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google's YouTube in 2017 in a joint effort to stop the spread of mass shooting videos and other terrorist material online. When a member of the group flags a photo, video or post as terrorist-related, a digital fingerprint called a "hash" is shared across all its members.

In effect, that means a bikini pic wrongly flagged as jihadist propaganda on Instagram can also be quickly censored on Twitter or YouTube, all without the poster or public knowing that it was placed on the list -- much less how or why.

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Amazon's Reality Show for Our Surveillance Dystopia

Amazon's propaganda campaign to normalize surveillance is about to hit a higher gear: a new show featuring videos taken from Ring surveillance cameras.

The show is being produced by MGM Television, which is owned by Amazon, and Big Fish Entertainment, which ran another dystopian reality show: a piece of copaganda called Live PD which centered on commentary of police footage. [...]

Ring's surveillance cameras and surveillance network have been aggressively rolled out by Amazon mainly by cultivating fear in suburbs about crime, and by entering partnerships with police departments to give them unfettered access to surveillance footage. Last year, advocacy groups pushed for Amazon's Ring to be banned entirely by the Federal Trade Commission over concerns its facial surveillance technology could fuel criminalization of Black and brown people in public spaces. [...]

In the wake of the George Floyd uprisings, Live PD was briefly canceled along with Cops though both were revived just this year. And while Cops may be more familiar to some, Live PD was the more popular, more audacious, and more vile of the two by far. [...]

At this point, it is hard to defend ownership of a Ring camera. Using fear-mongering about package theft and suburban crime, a surveillance company has convinced countless homes to affix a surveillance network node that police departments and one of the world's largest monopolies will use to their benefit. And now they want us to laugh about it all in our (ideally) Ring-surveilled homes.

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Another Planet details their plans for the debasement of the Castro Theatre

There's Only One Castro Theatre. Why Change It Now?

The controversy comes down to the raked theater floor and the Castro's traditional orchestra-style theater seating, which APE has proposed replacing with removable seats on multi-level, flat platforms more conducive to standing-room concerts. (The plans submitted to San Francisco's planning department look similar to the Fox Theater in Oakland, which APE helped restore and now operates.) [...]

"If they are able to flatten the floors and remove all of those seats, the building will no longer be suitable for film," Pastreich says. "They'll make it great for rock concerts and other events, and virtually unusable for all kinds of other things, particularly film."

Pastreich is the executive director of the nonprofit Castro Theatre Conservancy, formed in June, which opposes APE's floor plans. He admits that it's virtually impossible in the modern day to keep a large, single-screen movie theater running on movies alone, at least with a for-profit model. In 2020, he says, members of his group approached the owners of the theater -- Bay Properties, Inc., run by the Nasser family, whose ancestors built the theater in 1922 -- with a proposal to operate the Castro as a nonprofit, similar to the Roxie Theater in San Francisco or Film Forum in New York City. Instead, they made a deal with APE. [...]

Perry takes issue with the criticism that APE is a giant, corporate promoter that's out of step with the independent, community-focused history and spirit of the theater. (The company puts on the Outside Lands music festival every year, which in 2019 grossed $29.6 million.) Perry describes APE as a "small, local business" that "understands the Castro."

"lol" and "lmao", as the kids say.

Asked why APE couldn't simply keep the current seats -- and consider removing the first five to eight rows for concerts -- Perry defers to APE's experience, and their "good sense of what it takes to program a multi-use venue."

APE also has a good sense of what it takes to compete in the live music market. Their two direct rivals, Live Nation and Goldenvoice, operate multiple theaters and ballrooms in San Francisco: the Warfield (capacity 2,300), the Masonic Auditorium (3,481), the Fillmore (1,300), and the Regency Ballroom (1,400). APE, on the other hand, operates the small Independent (500) and the large Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (8,500), with no mid-sized options in between. So, in San Francisco, APE needs a venue like the Castro to stay competitive.

Update: Here's a report from the "community meeting" by Curtis Jensen:

Disturbingly APE is proposing a reliance on a 501c3 organization to cover cost overruns of more “community based” queer events (think Marc Huestis or Peaches Christ). The ape representative specifically articulated that the previous rental agreements for community-based events and any event at the Castro for that matter were “highly undervalued” meaning rental rates for a Peaches Christ event after any she already has standing agreement for may be out of her reach or require her to charge so much for tickets that large swathes of the community would no longer be able to attend her shows. Unless She and like promoters sought underwriting from a nonprofit to cover the raised costs. [...]

One of the meetings most unpleasant revelations was that APE has an exclusive ticket arrangement with Ticketmaster meaning all ticketing for any event, likely including any repertory film screening would have to be done through Ticketmaster and would include all of the famously exorbitant Ticketmaster handling fees, and their habit of holding tickets for “secondary market resale, which in the case of a movie ticket can double the movie ticket cost. [...]

Given the look of mere toleration and a clear barely-wanting-to-be-there attitude from the APE representative who answered most questions – usually with doublespeak and artful dodging, APE is not really interested in what any of us think. They were only going to explore options that aligned with what they want as a final result and there was no indication that they had any interest in incorporating or truly considering any of the community feedback.

This is my shocked face.


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Dear Lazyweb, anyone know how to get the EDID of an NSScreen? CGDisplayIOServicePort now always returns NULL. "ioreg -lw0" shows them, but I don't know how to map an NSScreenNumber to whatever IOKit nonsense corresponds to that.
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USB hub

Lazyweb, what's a good 10 data port USB hub that puts out a ludicrous amount of juice on each port? I have an Orico 10 port USB 3 12v/3A but lately things are wonky in a way that smells like "your USB-powered drives are sometimes underpowered."

Wasn't USB 3 supposed to come with high enough amperage to make these problems a thing of the past?

(Fun fact, a 10 port USB hub seems to actually be three 4-port hubs in a triangle and/or wearing a trench coat.)

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SF traffic cops issue just 10 citations a day

What exactly are they doing?

As with so many of its responsibilities, the police force has nearly given up on traffic enforcement, letting speeders, red-light runners and illegal turners run roughshod, endangering pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists.

A new analysis of every traffic citation issued by San Francisco police over the past 4½ years shows enforcement of the rules of the road has plummeted. Incredibly, the 45 officers working in the department's traffic division have issued a combined 10 citations a day this year.

Yes, in a city with nearly half a million registered vehicles, a ticket is written every 2½ hours, on average. That's a huge drop in just three years: In 2019, the department issued an average of 74 traffic citations per day -- or about one every 20 minutes.

And here's an interactive map of every traffic death, with photos and details.

San Francisco Traffic Fatality Map:

Since San Francisco instituted its Vision Zero program in 2014, 241 people have been killed by car violence on its streets. Despite pouring millions into Vision Zero, San Francisco continues to lose someone to car violence every 13.02 days.

This project is a work in progress to identify the victims of car violence and understand the circumstances surrounding each crash. This information will help us focus our advocacy work and pressure our elected officials to start taking this public health crisis seriously.

If you knew one of these victims, please share what information you can to help us learn about their lives and the circumstances of their crash and if are able to do so, please support this project so we can continue doing this work.

Thread from Stephen Braitsch who did the data mining:

To be clear, the ultimate path to safer streets is not more policing. @LondonBreed must let @SFMTA_Muni redesign our streets to prioritize the safety of people outside of cars. "Transit-First" has been in SF's charter for 50 years & yet cars continue to dominate us everywhere.

However, since prioritizing non-car transport in SF is such a pathetically slow process, we must demand that @SFPD start enforcing our traffic laws in the interim, specifically by "Focusing on the Five" ON the High Injury Network which is currently less than 10% of all citations.

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Great Moments in Patents

Ford has patented an augmented reality phone app to inform you that an autonomous murderbot has no intention of stopping at the crosswalk.

US11396271B2: System and method for communicating between autonomous vehicle and vulnerable road users:

The systems and methods disclosed herein are configured and/or programmed to allow communication between an autonomous vehicle (AV) and a vulnerable roadway user (VRU). The communication includes a mobile device display using augmented reality (AR).

A VRU may be, according to described embodiments, a pedestrian, bicyclist, individual mobility vehicle user (e.g., a motorcycle, scooter or the like), or another user that may be severely disadvantaged if involved in a collision with an AV or another vehicle. The VRU may, in some aspects, carry on their person and/or otherwise operate a mobile device instantiating an application configured and/or programmed to interact with nearby vehicles, receive map information, and provide information to the VRU that may assist the user in avoiding harmful collision events with the vehicles. Accordingly, the system described in the present disclosure may include the mobile device, which may be associated with the VRU, and adapted for communication with an AV or other vehicle configured and/or programmed to work with the AR systems described herein as the VRU utilizes roadways and sidewalks the same as or proximate to the vehicles.

VRU, new robot euphemism for "bloodbag" or "meatsack".

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Curb Pooper

You can just poop out curbs! I feel like our bike lanes need some late-night vigilante improvements.

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