Shut Up Woman, Getaway Horse

Drunk woman rode stolen horse to store burglary

A woman DeKalb County deputies say rode a stolen horse to burglarize a store is currently only facing alcohol-related charges, but more charges may be on the way.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris said his office got a call about an intoxicated woman stealing merchandise from a store at Hammonds Crossroads Saturday evening. Deputies and Fyffe police responded and say they found her carrying the stolen items. Authorities also found a horse tied outside the store and believe she rode it there. The horse was returned to its owner who did not press charges.

Deputies say the woman, 45-year-old Christine Saunders of Fyffe, was drunk. They say they found beer in a shopping bag tied to the horse.

Saunders was charged with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage. Harris said his department is working with the store owner on other charges. Saunders was booked into the DeKalb County Detention Center.

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4 Responses:

  1. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Prohibited beverage?

  2. cockwoggle says:

    Yo this bitch iz bad ass. Ridez horse to buggery. The win, for it.

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