QR Psychosurgery

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  1. Pavel Lishin says:

    The QR code points to https://www.facebook.com/wynship.hillier, which is chock full of goodies.

    On June 19, someone on my floor told me that other people on my floor are thinking of buying a gun because they may have to shoot me because of how I look at them.

    On the night of May 11, I was attacked on Haight St. west of Broderick. I was walking down the street. A man began yelling at me, snatched my hat from my head, then jumped me, put me in a strangle-hold, and pulled me to the ground. ... I suspect the man was an ex-, off-duty, or plain-clothes police officer, as the effect of his actions were to inflict maximum terror while leaving almost no marks.

  2. Line Noise says:

    At least he's got better grammar than most kooks on the Internet.

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