Italian protester's kiss was 'sexual violence'

Never kiss a Stormtrooper.

The woman who kissed a riot policeman during protests near the northern Italian city of Turin in November has been detained for "sexual violence" and "offence to a public official".

Franco Maccari, the Secretary General of Coisp, the Italian police officers' union, said during an interview on Radio24 that he had pressed charges against the demonstrator who kissed an officer's helmet. The kiss took place during a protest march against controversial plans for a new high-speed TAV train line.

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One Response:

  1. Jim Schmidt says:

    Not everything is as it seems, even in an un-Shooped photo:

    "Miss De Chiffre has also done her bit to spoil the photo's apparent message of non-violence, claiming she was trying to provoke the officer into reacting.

    "No peace message," she wrote on Facebook. "I would hang all these disgusting pigs upside down."


    "I saw this young man in his uniform and I felt pity and disgust," she said. Taking advantage of the officer's orders not to react, De Chiffre said she also licked his helmet's visor and touched her fingers to his lips."


    Any sexual assault charges are obviously biased garbage just tossed onto the pile in the hopes of something sticking, but there's plain old assault in there, as well as whatever fun regional charges might come along with interfering with the police.