Luke and Leia Had Sex

This is important research.

...nope. That's what we call a confirmatory smirk. [...]

That look is her thinking "I'm a professional diplomat, my whole job is not to get into situations like this..."

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4 Responses:

  1. Jay Sittler says:

    Only mostly related to the event coming up on April 21st at your venue. :)

  2. Kevin Lyda says:

    I was with the article right up to the end. I think the author flubs her final look.

    She smirks at Luke, but he was a virgin, right? He clearly didn't complete the job. So she went for Han.

    By Han's grin and wink it's clear he thought he's the Force's gift to boinking. Leia's response indicates Han's a bit deluded on this assessment.

    Then the final glance at R2. Sure it's a bit of an uncomfortable look, but it's also a very satisfied look. It's a, "finally!" look. It's pretty clear she's seen a tool pop out of one of R2's panels that never made it on film. Heck, maybe modifying droids is a family skill.

    As an aside, "Two men and a droid," future sitcom title?

  3. pb says:

    I wonder if he smelled her panties?